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img024Dr. Burnett-Brown  is an educator of 15 years, a certified diversity professional, and author. In 2018, Dr. Burnett-Brown published her first novel, a work of fiction that draws upon her both her education and military background as well as her experiences as a single mother.  In 2019, she will release two more works, both non-fiction. 

Currently, Dr. Burnett-Brown is a faculty member of University of Phoenix, Atlanta Campus where she teaches Social Psychology, Cultural Diversity, EEOC and Culture, and the Psychology of Learning.

Dr. Burnett-Brown is a life-long leaner and researcher in her field and believes that no answers are found without perseverance and a desire for truth.



  1. Hello Dr. Burnett-Brown, I agree with your observation that marital conflict is not a mental disorder. Recently, I left a criminal justice department where anger management issues were inappropriately seen as a mental problem.


    • Hello Eugene… thank you for your comment. You are correct, and in work environments such as law where individuals must deal with the public, to have the stigma of mental illness attached to them can be a career killer. Everyone feels anger, not everyone realizes it is a natural emotion, or how to express it appropriately… but, that is not indicative of a mental disorder.


  2. Hello Dr, Burnett Brown,

    I am am a teacher and have been working in an extremely toxic work environment. I love teaching as well as the district ,the community and families where I work. The issue as I see it is that the new principal now going on two years is threatened by my work ethics and is trying to push teachers who were under the old principal out. He has gathered the help of other teachers ,people at the district level and even down to some of the security to indirectly make my life a living he’ll. He and his crew of bandits are now looking for ways to push me out as alll my past evaluations have been sufficient. I need to leave that school but don’t want leave the district. I don’t believe going to human resources would be a good idea as they tend to look out for the district. Do you have any advice ?


    Targeted Teacher


    • Hello. I am sorry to hear you are going through this. This is not an unusual situation, and I do not know why it is so prevalent in education. I totally agree with you about HR… and I tell any teacher – HR is not your friend, they are not there for you when it comes to your reputation. If you have a teacher’s union or teacher association in your state and are not a member join. Document everything. NEVER have a phone conversation or speak in person that you do not follow up with an email that reads something like this: I am following up on our conversation of (the date and time) in which we discussed _____________________________. Give direct quotes when you can, or bullet items out where it is clear.

      This is imperative. For if you do not receive a rebuttal – then there is no denial that this is what occurred. Also, be very sure that administrators are not recording your conversations. They cannot do this without your consent. If asked if they can record your conversation, tell them you would like to record it as well.

      Do not confide in anyone. Teachers who feel their jobs are in jeopardy will do whatever they can to save them, even if it means throwing a colleague under the bus. Anything you say can be misconstrued and twisted to suit a purpose. Do not use the school computer or internet or wifi for personal business.

      Anything that sounds and looks suspicious probably is. Document it – date everything. What looks like nothing one day may be the key to everything down the road.

      If there is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) that serves your district, make an appointment. They are bound by professional ethics to keep what you tell them confidential. They cannot be compelled by the district to release any information you share.

      Finally, at the beginning of the year when it is time to request a inter-district transfer for the next school year, do it. Be proactive.

      I hope you find this helpful, and I hope that you are able to work this through.


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