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img024Dr. Burnett-Brown  is an educator of 15 years, a certified diversity professional, and author. In 2018, Dr. Burnett-Brown published her first novel, a work of fiction that draws upon her both her education and military background as well as her experiences as a single mother.  In 2019, she will release two more works, both non-fiction. 

Currently, Dr. Burnett-Brown is a faculty member of University of Phoenix, Atlanta Campus where she teaches Social Psychology, Cultural Diversity, EEOC and Culture, and the Psychology of Learning.

Dr. Burnett-Brown is a life-long leaner and researcher in her field and believes that no answers are found without perseverance and a desire for truth.




  1. Hello Dr. Burnett-Brown, I agree with your observation that marital conflict is not a mental disorder. Recently, I left a criminal justice department where anger management issues were inappropriately seen as a mental problem.


    • Hello Eugene… thank you for your comment. You are correct, and in work environments such as law where individuals must deal with the public, to have the stigma of mental illness attached to them can be a career killer. Everyone feels anger, not everyone realizes it is a natural emotion, or how to express it appropriately… but, that is not indicative of a mental disorder.


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