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Announcement: Hidden Notes Book Release

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I am happy to announce I have published my first novel. This is not the first novel I have written, but it is the first I have submitted for publication. The novel is available for pre-order on Kindle, with a release date of July 23, 2018.

An excerpt from Hidden Notes

An eagle took flight above them as they climbed and seemed to hold them within his sight. They were both amazed, never having been this close to nature, and to be in the presence of a creature so magnificent, and so rare. This great bird was a symbol of America, freedom, and of America’s bravery; yet, was nearly extinct. Watching the eagle as it soared above their heads, Sarah could not keep her thoughts from going to her work on post-traumatic stress disorders. The service members she had treated over the years had begun their military careers like this eagle; brave, bold, and soaring with pride. So many of them had come home mentally and physically broken. While injuries can be mended, physical illnesses treated, even missing limbs can be replaced by prosthesis, with physical therapy to improve the quality of life; PTSD kept many as prisoners of war on domestic soil.


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