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Aiden Booth: Internet Marketer?

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The average email user receives “offers” nearly every day, sometimes several times a day with promises of making it rich while doing literally nothing. The catch phrase: “passive income”. There are several Internet marketers online who prey upon individuals looking for a way of making a living working from home. These postings can often be found in job searches and they look like legitimate job offers, with many promising a lucrative money making opportunity, and video testimonials from individuals who are lounging by their pools, or dining on their yachts.


Enter Here


A few clicks and the job seeker has pulled out a credit card to buy into this “best kept secret” that is worth thousands, but is being officered “practically free”. A product is downloaded with free or nearly free advice on how to earn thousands, even millions doing nothing. It all sounds good. One such Internet marketer lures his “members” in through a training program. It turns out the way members make money is by selling the training program, and sponsoring others to sell the program, but it is “not multilevel marketing”.


For a Limited Time, Only


It is highly coincidental that no matter what day of the week or year you happen upon one of these Internet marketing offers, the offer is for that day only. Each click made takes the member from a free or nearly free membership to an elite, or exclusive membership. Each click means more money spent.


Introducing Aidan Booth


Aidan Booth has one such site, however, his appears to be a bit more legitimate, as he offers a free “Online Passive Income Blueprint” of his Internet marketing plan that provides a blueprint of five proven business models.


Affiliate Marketing

Selling Ad Space



*Info-product Software Services


Aidan Booth’s Blueprint provides helpful and insightful information on how to get started with each of these business models. Then there is information about a level above the “free” Online Passive Income Blueprint, this is Blueprint Pro. There is a link embedded in the free product that leads to an informational video, and Aidan Booth, who is extremely affable provides a teaser, “If you really want to be successful…. then, click the button below the video.” One click and you are taken directly to PayPal where in one more click you are committing to $97.00 per month for your exclusive membership that “unlocks” everything there is to know about earning an online passive income. As with the other online opportunities, with the exclusive or elite membership, the individual is marketing Info-product Software Services. Reselling the selling tools.


Caveat Emptor


Beware, that once you have received the free or nearly free information, the Internet marketer has your email address, and you will be inundated with emails offering you opportunity after opportunity, to which if you do not respond within a certain time frame will be offered to the next individual.


Finding Aidan Booth


A general Internet search of Aidan Booth reveals several articles discussing whether or not his opportunities are scams, and then several Aidan Booth sites with software/Internet products of various titles, which would lead one to conclude, yes, Aidan Booth, Online Marketer, is an Online Marketing Scam Artist.

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