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The Need for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives in Public Schools: A Top Down Endeavor

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One of the advantages of being a teacher who was literally bullied out of my GA school district is that now as a parent of a student within the district, with a home that is constantly filled with her peers from several schools in including the one she attends, I can now act more boldly on the injustices I hear from these children. 

Just today alone in my house I learned: 

1. A Muslim student was given ISS (in-school suspension) for his head-covering 
2. A student was given ISS for not standing for the pledge.
3. A Hispanic student whose English skills are far better than those of most adults I know, is in a constant battle with his school because they want to keep him in ESOL.
4. That both the football coach and the girls’ lacrosse coach hold prayer before practices and games. 

This was just today. All the atrocities I have heard as both a teacher and a parent would fill several pages and then some. 

This has to stop. The complacency of teachers who know better is as wrong as the administrators who not only allow, but condone or authorize these actions that are in fact violations of civil liberties across several fronts. 

Speak up!

As an advocate, I will go with you to your school and meet with your principals and teachers. I am no longer a teacher, so they cannot do one single thing to me. They feared me before, but I told them… I will not go quietly into that good night. 

I am receiving emails and messages from parents all over the district who have been unsupported in their efforts to get proper services for their children due to differing beliefs, culture, and race. There is an army that is willing to stand for you. We need to know about you. 

Please contact me. Do not allow this oppression to continue due to suppression. 

#Resist #RiseUp


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